Dylan moves his family to Nashville with dreams of people singing his songs by heart but life takes a tragic turn one December destroying his love of Christmas. Needing just one hit to pull him from the brink he decides to write a musical script in a last-ditch effort to save his dream and matter to someone. 

Dylan soon finds that his little girl Sadie has an intuitive connection to Heaven and a familiar passion for music just like him. With a wisdom beyond her years, and help from a special angel, Dylan re-discovers a love for Christmas and a peace about the past. With God’s grace, support from an amazing wife and family, and a gritty never give-up attitude, he realizes that his most important dreams are right in his own living room.



Drawing from his real lived experience of moving to Nashville with wide eyes and big dreams, Derek writes lines of script and music from a place of honesty and reality. Currently residing in the Nashville area with his wife and 5 boys, Derek began work on this project in 2018 and is now on a mission to bring his new Christmas story to the masses. He has now joined forces with Dana Durbano Pearson, a visionary and experienced Director in Utah, along with many other talented friends to bring it to the stage.

Derek has been a songwriter in Nashville for over 13 years and has rubbed shoulders with record label executives, music-row publishers, producers, musicians, and of course fellow songwriters. For many years he has performed with his two brothers (The Hinckley Brothers) and made a run at Nashville to chase the dream of making it on the big stage. He has written for Nashville song publishers and is currently a signed writer at an L.A based publishing company working with tv and film.

Derek is a prolific writer and taking this next step to write a musical script and score has been a lifelong dream. Threads of his real life are woven into the fabric of the story as songs, character, and story-telling intersect. After all, you write best about what you know.

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Dana Pearson




Mount Juliet, TN