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"That Could Be Me"-"The Best Thing About CHRISTMAS" Official Music Video REVEAL #OfficialMV 2022!

"The Best Thing About Christmas" Tennessee 2022

"The Best Thing About CHRISTMAS Musical" Official Music Video REVEAL {#OfficialMV} 2021, SLC UT!





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Last year I dove headfirst into the brand new world of theater. I joke now that back in high school I was the shy kid, the quiet kid. And although I was all about music and performing with the PHS Singers and in other groups... you would never have caught me on the auditorium stage acting in a play or musical. That wasn't my gig. My brothers and sister all fact they were the leads in the productions of their day. Now, over 25 years later I find myself writing a script, scoring music, holding auditions for a cast, staging a broadway style production, and learning how to act for the very first time. It's been quite an undertaking and I'm so blessed to have had the experience of last year in Utah to really bring life to this story...a story largely inspired by my own life of chasing the dream in music.  

This musical “The Best Thing About Christmas” actually came from a poem that was given over the pulpit at my church in Nashville. That same day I asked for a copy of it and wrote the song a couple days later. It was one of those songs that wrote itself but I didn’t really know what to do with it. About 10 years later I felt an urge to try something new...really new. “How hard could writing a musical script be?” I thought. Well, after four years of writing and re-writing and collaborating with some seriously talented and creative people, we felt we had something special. In December 2021 we debuted the show in Salt Lake City at a brand new venue and brought the music, characters, and "Christmas-in-Nashville" vibe to 1600 people over 10 shows. It was truly a magical experience and one that I will never forget. It paved the way for us now to bring the story and music back home to Tennessee, back where this whole dream started.  

This year is extra special because I get to work with one of my favorite people in the whole world, my friend and mentor Mr. Jim Kennedy and his Powell Singers. This group and Mr. Kennedy's mentorship have meant so much to my siblings and I (so much that we made a film on itand to literally thousands of others who have called the choir room at the end of the hall our sanctuary, the place that helped forge our character. Those lessons learned never quite leave us. This year we are thrilled to have the Singers joining us on stage to bring an extra energy and life to these songs. And don't be too surprised if a couple of them make it on stage in the cast! 

If you know me at all you’ll notice how closely many of the characters mirror my own life experience, weaknesses, and hopefully a couple of strengths. These songs come straight from my own life and some were even written for my brothers band to pitch to record execs as we pounded the pavement on Music Row. Many were written in hard to explain moments when I needed the right tone or message to accent the story and it seemed to drop out of Heaven...all gift wrapped with a bow. Regardless, they represent who I am, who I want to be, and hopefully what we can all strive to become…the best versions of ourselves, because we too have found out the best thing about this whole ‘Christmas thing’… that to find ourselves we must lose ourselves in doing good.“

-D. Hinckley 

P.S. I'm so looking forward to seeing many old friends and to meeting many new ones as we bring the spirit of Christmas to you right in the heart of Powell, Tennessee. 

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What People Are Saying About Our Debut in '21 

'Wow!!! What a stunning performance this was by Derek G Hinckley and his fellow artists and crew members!"

"It was such a joy to watch and I would highly recommend it to all with two thumbs up and 5 stars!"

"Loved the show! Thanks to an excellent and talented cast who beautifully shared this story!"

"Your play was a blessing to me and to many who saw it...can't wait for you to come back next year!"

"Keep this tradition going!"

"My husband and I went last night and before the show we had a chance to talk to Derek's parents. The performance was very well done and enjoyable and touching!"