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The playwright teamed up with talented writer/director Alan Peterson to write the screenplay version of "The Best Thing" last year. Check it out and help us make the film! 



"We were so thrilled to have been able to bring the show to Knoxville this past December. The people who we met and who came to see us truly made all the hard work worth it and we couldn't be more thankful. 

This musical “The Best Thing About Christmas” actually came from a poem that was given over the pulpit at my church in Nashville. That same day I asked for a copy of it and wrote the song a couple days later. It was one of those songs that wrote itself but I didn’t really know what to do with it. About 10 years later I felt an urge to try something new...really new. “How hard could writing a musical script be?” I thought. Well, after four years of writing and re-writing and collaborating with some seriously talented and creative people, we felt we had something special. In December 2021 we debuted the show in Salt Lake City at a brand new venue and brought the music, characters, and "Christmas-in-Nashville" vibe to 1600 people over 10 shows. It was truly a magical experience and one that I will never forget. It paved the way for us now to bring the story and music back home to Tennessee, back where this whole dream started.  

If you know me at all you’ll notice how closely many of the characters mirror my own life experience, weaknesses, and hopefully a couple of strengths. These songs come straight from my own life and some were even written for my brothers band to pitch to record execs as we pounded the pavement on Music Row. Many were written in hard to explain moments when I needed the right tone or message to accent the story and it seemed to drop out of Heaven...all gift wrapped with a bow. Regardless, they represent who I am, who I want to be, and hopefully what we can all strive to become…the best versions of ourselves, because we too have found out the best thing about Christmas…that to find ourselves we must lose ourselves in doing good.“

-D. Hinckley 

Maisy Caudle as Sadie | Behind The Musical Tennessee Tour '23: The Best Thing About Christmas | 🌟
Tickets for our 2023 Tour Are Live
"Matter To Someone:The Best Thing About Christmas |#OfficialMV |#familyfriendly| #christmas2023  🎄✨"
“Behind the Curtain” | Our Director Andrea Ballard
"Experience the Magic of Christmas: 'That Could Be Me' Official Music Video 2022 | #OfficialMV"
"The Best Thing About Christmas" Tennessee 2022
"The Best Thing About CHRISTMAS Musical"  Official Music Video REVEAL {#OfficialMV} 2021, SLC UT!
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"I loved it! Born in Nashville, It's one of those Christmas stories worthy of becoming a classic tradition for your family year after year!" - Tim Davis, Mount Juliet, TN


“My wife and I attended "The Best Thing About Christmas" not knowing a lot about it, but we were looking forward to seeing some local talent.  We were treated to a night of great music and a compelling story. It showcased some of the great talent Nashville is famous for.  The young girl in the play really stole the show with a bubbly personality and a fantastic voice! I also found myself waiting for Derek Hinckley to sing his next line.  His voice is golden and should be on the radio.  The original score was fantastic with melodies I kept humming for days afterwards.  I was happy to hear songs I want to keep on my Christmas playlist.  The story was touching and felt real.  Something most people can relate to that reminded us that through it all, there is something we all should be grateful for.  I loved every minute.  I highly recommend it.” -Scott Matthews, Nashville, TN


“The music, singing, and acting were exceptional. The costumes and props on stage were on point.  The venue was very welcoming. The storyline was inspiring! It caused me to reflect on God and the importance of leaning on Him and the support of others when we are faced with life’s challenges. Additionally, it reminded me to engage in meekness, gratitude, and generosity towards others as they may face life’s challenges as well.” -James Fox, Mount Juliet, TN


“A fresh, new, beautifully written story that gives you the holiday spirit you are looking for! “The best thing about Christmas“ will make you laugh and smile, and it will touch your heart. Thoughtful music and lyrics remind you of what is most important in life and you’ll leave wanting to be a little bit better. Wonderfully delivered by a talented cast, you will be lucky to make this musical a part of your Christmas celebration this year, and a tradition for the years to come.” -Rob Bell, Mount Juliet, TN


"The Best Thing About Christmas" by Derek Hinckley is a heartwarming play that beautifully captures the essence of the holiday spirit. With a delightful mix of humor and touching moments, it celebrates the importance of family, kindness, and the true meaning of Christmas. The characters are endearing, the storyline is engaging, and it leaves the audience feeling uplifted and joyful. Overall, it's a charming and feel-good theatrical experience perfect for the holiday season.” -Doug Cole, Nashville, TN

“What a great show! Incredible vocal talents, heart touching story, and a great reminder of what the Best Thing About Christmas truly is. Such a fun way to get in the Holiday spirit!”

-Kaci Evans, Lebanon, TN


“Really enjoyed it. A tender hearted show that gives genuine perspective on what helps bring families together during Christmas and any time of year in a challenging and sometimes unforgiving world. Dylan (Hinckley) takes you on an authentic journey as he finds his place as a loving husband, father, friend, and struggling musical artist. It’s a story of a soul searching for solace in life after suffering unimaginable heartache. I laughed and cried (just a little), and couldn’t resist singing and dancing too. Fun for the whole family. My nine-year-old daughter enjoyed it as well. So many great original songs, but the “Hats” song touch me the most. It’s evident that Hinckley really poured his heart and soul into this special performance on The Best Thing About Christmas. I left there walking a little taller. I would definitely watch again.” -Nathan Casdorf, Mount Juliet, TN


“When I planned to attend the musical, it was to come and support Jenny with all her hard work as a stage manager. What I wasn't prepared for though, was the IMPACT the musical would have on me. I related to every part of it. (Bring tissue boxes) From homelessness with my children, to not being able to afford Christmas, losing my Faith many times in God, and wanting to throw it all away. God restored my Faith in Him!!! Thank you Derek for sharing your story in such a powerful way!!! This is only the beginning my friend!! You and your cast members are changing so many lives!! Thank you for dedicating your show, with your cheer to me! When I heard the story, I teared up and was honored that it was for me. I'm so proud of the work you are doing!! Continue to walk in your purpose! Keep shining!! The world NEEDS your light!!! I'm so proud each of you, and the dedication and time put into this musical!! Y'all please take the time and GO!!! You won't regret it!! Bring your family and friends!!! Support Derek and the cast, so they can continue this journey to take this nationwide!! Your story needs to be shared EVERYWHERE!! I cannot wait to attend another more!!!” -Lisa Halls Fayetteville, NC


“My family had a wonderful time and enjoyed the direct, yet lighthearted story of a family overcoming grief while dealing with many modern-day challenges. The original music, acting, vocals were blended with fast-paced scene changes that really engaged the audience.  I left with a big dose of Christmas spirit in meaning in my heart!” Matt Magallanes, Nashville, TN


“The play was so moving and I totally appreciated the meaning! Great job everyone! I have to brag on my granddaughter Alora! I am so proud of her!❤️” Brenda Brown 


“We loved the Knoxville show! Hope to see it again next year.” Denise Davis Lane, Knoxville, TN 


“Great show!  Wonderful evening!” Anne Chase Knoxville, TN


“Beautiful story & great music.  Would love to see this show made into a home movie / DVD for families.  :^) A new Christmas tradition for around the globe !!” Kristen Wilkey Knoxville, TN 


“This has been such a FUN show‼️ EVERYONE has done such a great job‼️ thank you for all your hard work🤗🎉” Victoria Coon


“We went last night and really enjoyed it! Thankful for a faith based play & music. Great talent!” Martha Raper Knoxville, TN 


“The Best Thing About Christmas” is an inspirational and uplifting show with music, drama, and hope for second chances! A must see at Christmas time for the entire family!” -Phillip Gibbons, Cookeville, TN


“What a powerful message this show brings!” Leah McCann, Florida 


“Great songs! Beautiful story! I was so moved by the message!” Brenda Brown 


“Thank you for sharing this! It was such a great show!! Very impressed with everything. Great story, great cast, top-notch performances, great venue, very family oriented event and all at a fantastic price!” Allen Patin Sr. 


“We are really enjoying the performance. The story and music are GREAT !!!!!” Kimberly Jasso, TX 


“Can’t even say how many times tears have come into my eyes. very touching!” Michelle Head 


“What a GREAT show!! Love the original songs!!!!” Jason Coon 


“I highly recommend this show!! We loved coming to see it Cookeville! Great talented cast!” Heather Loudermilk, Cookeville, TN 


“Thank you , I so needed this right now ❤️🙏 

during this holiday season. 

I honestly believe you were sent to me today to witness your show.”


“Simply amazing !!! 🙏 Powerful 

What a show of Faith and Trust.


It's all about the MESSAGE , not the "sound" 

Listen and focus” John Perry, Cookeville,TN 


“This is a great show featuring  some great talent!!!   Don’t miss out!!!” Kathy Fowler, Cookeville, TN 


“Great talent. Very moving production.” Kathy Broadhead, Cookeville, TN 


“Moving performance. Molly is so memorable. Thank you to the entire cast and crew!” Deborah Oyston


“Great show! Everyone did an amazing job 👏🏼 My kids absolutely loved it as well ☺️” Angel Kraynak 


“Love the music!! Great cast!!  What a moving message!!” Debbie Evans 


“Enjoyable evening.  Great talent.  Wonderful message. Everyone should experience "The Best Thing About Christmas" Jennifer Minard 


“Having attended many Broadway shows at the Tennessee Theatre and loving musicals, I am really enjoying the show. Great lyrics, storyline, and really appreciate the focus on Christianity.” Gretchen Geer


“The Best Thing About Christmas” is a charming and cozy delight that will warm your Christmas heart Nashville style. I love the message of putting faith and family first.”

Jon Clark, Lebanon, TN

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